IGNOU term end result June 2023

How to check IGNOU term end result December 2023

When you complete the exam, you prefer to search IGNOU term end result December 2023?  

Do you know The TEE is going to end in 9th January?

IGNOU has become India’s developing online university, offering online admission, digital assignment and project, and even classes for online courses.

After finishing the theory subjects, everybody explores How to check IGNOU results in December 2023?

We can access the IGNOU examination results online at ignou.ac.in. Candidates can also check their results on this website and may print the same by providing their enrollment number.

IGNOU Term end result December 2023

Every learner’s heart will beat fast because IGNOU tee December 2023 results have been uploaded on the official site, so here we are presenting you with how you can find the marks.

IGNOU TEE December 2023 results are available only for those who submitted exam fees for the June session. No one knows the correct declaration date for all subjects except the official authority, but we hope to have it in the last week of September, I am excited to see it, and I am sure you are.

  • Open the official page 
  • Click on results under the student support menu
  • Click on the left-hand side (term-end)
  • Select the examination session (IGNOU term end result December 2023)
  • Enter roll no and hit the submit button.

You’ll see six columns on the portal. 

Course code: it shows the subject code

Marks/grade: showing term-end theory number

Maximum marks: We can check the maximum marks of a paper university following the credit system 6-8 credits = 100, four credits =50 marks, and two credits=25 marks.

Month/ year: while checking the result, why month and year showing (0623) for checking the examination month and year university follow the sample code first two-digit show session (for December 12 and June 06) and the last two digits show year (23) still confused?

06 means June, and 12 means December session, if the result shows 1223 means IGNOU term-end result December 2023 session.

Date of the update on the websiteit showed when the last result was updated on the portal.

Remarks: remarks show when you have already completed the Subjects and wrongly appeared in an exam. The comments will show” Already completed”.

Fact about IGNOU December 2023 result

  • Every time they announce the Early declaration result before the TEE result. (but now we have not seen this year)
  • Assignment marks will reflect on the grade card.
  • Fail candidate in December session can apply again in June session and vice versa
  • If you are not happy with the present tee result, you can try the Re-evaluation of the answer script and photocopy of the answer script.

IGNOU incomplete result 

Do you know why the IGNOU term-end results for December 2023 is incomplete? Why does this happen on every term-end exam?

If you are an existing student, this must have happened to you.

However, it always happens. Sometimes, the result takes a while to upload to the portal. 

Let me clarify the first update of the IGNOU term end result in December 2023. They upload only a few subjects.

The observer who reviewed the sheet did not complete all the answer sheets, and they took more time to complete the total subjects, the primary reason for not completing the marks displayed on the grade card.

You don’t need to worry about the results the university uploads daily.

IGNOU Assignment Result 2023

Last year, I received many emails from students regarding their marks.

Do you know who checks your TMA marks?

If your answer is “Instructors of Study center,” you are right.

The teacher checks our papers and then sends the report to the RC. The updating process takes time, and you need to wait. Before checking the IGNOU Assignment Result, June 2023, ensure TMA scores are live on the grade card. 

How to collect IGNOU results in the original format

You’ll get a mark sheet and provisional certificate at the postal address within a couple of days. Not required any form once the grade card is complete.

University organizes convocation every year, so don’t forget to collect the Original Degree certificate. 

IGNOU does not send hard copy results to 1st or 2nd-year students. You would receive it if you completed all papers until you received the result.

What is IGNOU Re-evaluation

IGNOU Re-evaluation is a process where you apply for a re-evaluation of coursework. This process helps students who have completed exam but failed to pass the first time or those who have passed their exams but want to resubmit them for better results.

The re-evaluation process involves:

Provide relevant documents such as an ID card (if applicable)

Pay the fee. Suppose your IGNOU TEE result in December 2023 is not good and does not satisfy you with the marks. We’ve got an option called re-evaluation. There is another option for a failed candidate. To handle such a situation. Either Re-evaluation or apply for a photocopy of the answer script.

Here, I’m sharing one more way by which you can apply for a recheck.

Advantages: It is a beneficial option when we get lower number on the theory paper.

Disadvantages: sometimes you get a negative marks. It is chargeable around 750 per paper, which is quite expensive.

How to apply IGNOU Re-evaluation December 2023

The re-evaluation offers to recheck the paper. If you are sure that the last exam was good but wrongly got fewer marks, I suggest using the Re-evaluation option.

Once you apply for re-valuation and get better effects from the past, the old result will update from a new score. Over the past two years, the university switched the application system offline to online. 

Now we don’t need to send any offline forms.

  • Open the official link
  • Click on Re-evaluation under the register online
  • Select declaration box
  • Click on I agree and proceed
  • Select examination session (TEE December 2023 exam)
  • Enter enrollment no
  • Select programme code
  • Select RE-evaluation/copy of answer script
  • Click on the login
  • Verify details and select the examination venue
  • Select course code (like BEGLA 135)
  • If you want to apply a copy of the answer script, you must upload your ID card.
  • Select payment gateway and pay your fees.

FAQ about IGNOU December 2023 result

Why are all my subject results not showing?

Ans- Having too many subjects and a vast no of a candidate, it takes time to update the total result.

What do you mean by “not eligible to appear on this exam?”

Ans: You are not eligible for the IGNOU term-end result in December 2023 and need to try in the next session. Or the enrollment period has expired.

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