IGNOU Grade card status 2023

How to update IGNOU grade card status in 2023 (Old & New)

IGNOU grade card status not updated is a very common question for every learner. Nowadays students are struggling to get their complete marks.

I know you have a question.

University updated some of your friend’s assignment and theory marks, but why does your status showing not completed?

What is an IGNOU Grade Card status ?

It is an online platform that students can use to view their academic performance, such as marks earned in assignments, term-end exams, practical , and projects.

It is a tool provided by the university to help students keep track of their academic result and evaluate their progress.

why Grade card status showing not completed?

Grade card not completed means your Assignment/Theory/practical are not updated on the portal while checking the marks students may encounter some common issues, which are mentioned below. 

Assignment record not updated.

Students submitted their TMA offline/online, but the study center did not send the data to the regional office. If they do not update your record on the Dashboard, the portal will be displayed, not completed.

Ensure you have submitted within the time and have the acknowledgment receipt or proof of submission. 

Note: Keep a copy of an acknowledgement slip so you won’t have to worry in the future about tracking IGNOU grade card status 2023.

Check how you can update the assignment number easily.

The assignment’s score is below 35.

Students submit their TMA without finishing all questions, so the study center gives them the lower score, which is less than the passing marks, and the status of your IGNOU final grade card will be “not completed.

If you have not completed within the time limit, In the next session, you will have another choice, so don’t submit incomplete.

Theory marks are less than the minimum passing requirement.

“Bachelor degree requires 35, and Master’s degrees 40“, so if you don’t get enough marks, your result will be “incomplete.”

Incomplete project

Last year, I checked over 5,000 students data, and found something different. Most of the project oriented course results were showing incomplete.

Do you know why?

BCA and BTS are project oriented courses. Students who don’t follow the project manual will have trouble while making projects. They don’t know how to get approval, so they cannot submit.

Note: Whenever you go to college, don’t forget to talk to the course supervisor because they help to make the synopsis.

I’ve seen most of the students who select AMT01 and AHE01 subjects don’t submit their project. Completing theory and assignment alone won’t clear the result.

Finish both the theory and the project. If you don’t, your results won’t be complete.

Trick to update marks (Old & New)

After following all the guidelines, if your status is showing not completed, you can contact us for RTI.

Check here for detailed reports on how you can update your marks using RTI.

Every year we help thousands of students to update their IGNOU grade card status through the RTI. It is one of the best tricks to get your status within a month. 


Tracking Academic score: The report card summarizes a student’s academic performance.

Resolving Queries and Grievances: If you find discrepancies in any subject, it is a reference point for students to raise queries.

How to Download IGNOU grade card status 2023 June

Open the Marksheet portal.

IGNOU Grade card status 2023-24

Select Programme type (CBCS/BDP/ Master Degree)

Choose your program from the dropdown menu and enter Enrollment number (mentioned on your ID card).

Click Submit.

IGNOU Grade card status 2023 June

It will display your academic performance on the screen. You can download in a pdf file for future reference. 

Note: university updates the final grade card after the results updated for each term-end examination.

How to check IGNOU grade card for BAG course

  1. Open the official portal
  2. Enter enrollment No
  3. Select Programme Code
  4. Click on search button

Note-If your registration year is before January 2015 and course is bachelor’s degree program, you need to select BDP/BA.

Feature of IGNOU student Grade card 2023

It provides a detailed breakdown of student’s performance in their courses.

Enrolment Details: This section includes the student’s personal information, such as their name, enrollment number, programme code, etc.

Course Code: Each course taken by the student is available in this section. It summarizes the courses completed or are in progress. 

Assignment result: The IGNOU Grade Card displays the marks of the student in the assignments for each course.

Term-end Examination: This section includes the number got in the theory for each course. The university conducts exams in June and December.

Practical/Project/Internship result: This section displays the score achieved by the student in practical exams, projects, or internships.

Status: This column provides remarks and status information, i.e., “Completed,” “Not completed”.

Grading system

Universities use a 10 point grading system as per university grant commission -CBCS guidelines for Bachelor Degree Programmes.

O (Outstanding)10>85
A+ (Excellent)9> 75 to < 85
A (Very Good) 8> 65 to < 75
B+ (Good)7> 55 to < 65
B (Above Average)6> 50 to < 55
C (Average)5> 40 to < 50
D (Pass)4> 35 to < 40
F (Fail)0< 35
Ab (Absent)0Absent

Passing criteria

Minimum passing marks in IGNOU out of 50 is 18 for bachelor’s degree and 20 for master’s degree students. 

Out of 100 is 35 for bachelor’s degree and 40 for master’s students. 

Note-However, it’s important to note that the passing criteria may vary for certain courses or programs.

Fact about IGNOU Results

Have you ever noticed BEGAE182 and BEVAE181 subject? I have something interesting to share.

Both the number show differently in the grade report and result portal?

University calculated the marks for each subject differently on the IGNOU grade card status and the result portal, since both papers are 50.

For example, if you got 30 on the BEVAE181 result panel, the university would calculate from 100 to get 60 on the portal.

My recent experiences with IGNOU grade card status 2023

Rohit is a student who had been waiting for his result for the past 6 months to appear on his final report, but he didn’t get it.

Rohit contacted the study center every month, but never received a response. He contacted me to discuss this issue.

I suggested submitting an RTI application. Within 20 days, he got an email, and after 25 days, he got the IGNOU final result with a provisional certificate.

Importance of Assignment Marks

University assigns a specific importance to assignment score, which contributes to the overall evaluation of a student’s performance. 

They combines the marks got in assignments with theory practicals, projects, etc., to determine the final grade or result. 

Therefore, scoring well can truly impact a student’s overall percentage.

Question-How can I contact IGNOU for a Marksheet?

Ans-If your final grade card status is updated, you need to wait a minimum of 30-45 days as the university will send your documents to your address.

Question-How can I get my IGNOU grade card status 2023 June session?

Ans-You can get it by following these steps:
Visit the student management dashboard
Enter your enrollment number and select your program from the drop-down menu
Click on the “Submit” button.
Click on grade card option

Question-What is the first class mark in IGNOU?

Ans- first class marks in IGNOU require an average of 60% or above.


To access the IGNOU score card 2023, students need to log in to the official portal using enrollment number and select the program code.

A candidate’s performance report is available on the IGNOU grade card status 2023. The university gives it to the student. After you finish the program. Whenever the university publishes results on his panel, it takes 7-10 days for the current portal to be updated.

If you need any help with the mark sheet, you can contact us.

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