How to make IGNOU front page design for your assignment

The first page of an IGNOU assignment is just as important as any other part of the assignment. Even though making the IGNOU front page is a simple part of writing a project, students often don’t pay much attention to how it looks or is formatted.

Hello Students. If you’re looking for an IGNOU front page design, a4 size, or cover page design, you’ve landed at the right place. 

We’ll show you the details of the first-page so you can send it to your study centre. This post will also explain how to fill out the information about the course.

And if you want to make your front page, we will discuss how to perform it with a pen and writing.

But this article will show you how to fill out an IGNOU front page correctly. Also, candidates must have all the necessary documents before filling out the assignment’s front page.

How to get IGNOU assignment Front Page Format?

The assignments turn in at university count for 30% of their final grades. It needs to be done and turned into the study centre that has been chosen. Many students don’t know how to finish the project, and others don’t know the right way to do it so they can turn it in. 

Many students have a lot of questions about different kinds of first page. The university’s official website has some suggestions for how the IGNOU assignment should be done. Word limits vary from question to question. For example, the number of words you can use in a 5-point, 10-point, or 15-point question depends on the subject.

How to Create the Handwritten IGNOU Front Page 

You can make the front page yourself if you don’t want to print it. You can make it yourself and turn it in, but don’t forget to include all the details about the students and the program so the teacher can find the right one. Check out the picture below to see how the front page of a handwritten IGNOU assignment should look.

Step-by-step instructions for making IGNOU Front Page

Please read every point carefully to prevent mistakes when doing the IGNOU assignment.

  • First, you should only do your work on foolscap or A4-sized paper.
  • We suggest you write your answer on blank paper, as does the study centre suggest.
  • Applicants can write their assignments in a black or blue pen for any TEE session.
  • The candidates can’t use red pens or any other color.
  • Assignments must be written by hand by the candidate.
  • Answers that need to be printed or typed cannot be done on a computer.
  • You can’t copy answers from the internet. If you copy an answer, you won’t get any points for the question you copied.
  • For the candidate to finish the assignment, they must write their solution. You will be kicked out of college if you copy someone else’s work.
  • Make sure that each paper has its writing. Don’t write all your questions on the same page.
  • When you’re done with your assignments, please put them in a paper file to keep them in order.
  • The candidate must send all of their finished paper to the coordinator of their assigned study center. You send them to their colleagues as well.
  • When you have sent your homework to the coordinator, they let your study center know.

Details Needed to Fill Out IGNOU Front Page

The IGNOU assignment should be turned in on a sheet of paper that is A4 size. The university says that the students have to write the answer by hand. Both sides of the paper can be used to write the answers. IGNOU doesn’t require students to write out the whole question. Instead, they can mark the number of questions that go with their answer.

The IGNOU front page should have the following information on the introduction page.

  • Official logo
  • Address
  • Student name
  • Phone number
  • Student roll number
  • Student signature
  • Study center
  • Date of submission
  • Assignment number
  • Name of the course
  • Email ID

Pros of Putting IGNOU Front Page on assignment

Putting a cover page on your assignment can help you in many ways, such as:

  • It makes it simpler for the teacher to find your work and credit you.
  • It makes it simpler for the instructor to read your work and locate the necessary information.
  • It allows you to show your teacher how smart you are.

What’s the Assignment Number?

On the IGNOU assignment cover page, the number and code are the same. This lets the teacher know which session the student is in and which session’s tests the assignment was turned in for. For example, if your course code is BCOS-183 and your exams are in June/December 2022, your TMA number/code will be BCOS-183/TMA/21-22, where TMA stands for Tutor Marked Assignments.

What Is a Session?

On the first page of an IGNOU question paper, you will only see one of these three fields: Assignment number, Code, or Session. All of these words mean the same thing: that is the academic session he is in. If you are asked for a session on the front page, fill in your user session, and you will see your session in your IGNOU Registration Portal.

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