How to Write IGNOU assignment

How to write IGNOU assignment answer properly

Are you searching for how to write IGNOU assignment answer for the 2023 session?

If yes, surely this step by tutorial will help you.

Every time we hear the term “Assignment”. But what is it? Before you look into the post, you need to know the meaning of it. 

An assignment is mandatory that needs to be submitted every year. Another query:

Why do you need to submit it?

It is one of the important factors that counts 30 percent marks, and it also helps you increase your percentage in the result. If your TMA is authentic and relevant, you will have a better effect.

Every year student face difficulty about how to make IGNOU assignment. So I have created this post for student who is waiting for how to write IGNOU assignment.

The primary purpose of my content is to guide the students who are not able to make the proper assignment.

How to write IGNOU assignment answer in 2023

Many new students face problems while making it, due to a lack of guidance.

Assignment marks in IGNOU are an essential factor for the result. They calculate marks 30% for internal assessment (TMA) and 70% for performance in examinations (TEE).

It is not very difficult to prepare it, and you should pay attention to it.

How to write an IGNOU assignment for a higher score – a step-by-step guide

  1. Check the latest question and ensure that the question is correct year-wise, like 2022-23.
  2. If you’re applying for the December 2023 session, then you need to find 2022-23 TMA.
  3. Write your IGNOU assignment on A4 size paper on a single side.
  4. IGNOU assignment writing style should be good, leave a margin of a minimum of 2 centimeters top, and left side.
  5. Your answers should be accurate.
  6. Write your assignment within prescribed word limits.
  7. Write the subject code and course title at the top of the margin and write the page number at the bottom of the page.
  8. You can use a blue/black pen.
  9. First, write your question and then answer.
  10. Don’t skip any question else you may get lower marks.

Our step by step guide is working 100%. I have also completed my course from IGNOU University and I have detailed knowledge about it. Thousands of students are also following our method to complete their project.

For example, you can check here the tutorial video .

How to prepare IGNOU assignment in 2023

Understand the Guidelines:

Guidelines typically include information on the assignment format, word limit, submission deadline, and evaluation criteria. It’s important to understand these requirements before you start writing.

Choose the Correct session:

Ensure that you are working on the current assignment. University provides a guideline on each question, which contains details about the marking scheme. Make sure you select the right one.

Research and collecting Information:

Use your study materials, textbooks, and additional help from the study centre if needed to collect relevant information.

Formatting and Style:

Follow the formatting guidelines provided by the study centre. This includes page size, page numbering and paper format.

Check your assignment for grammar and spelling mistakes. 

Note: Most of the study centre has a different submission format, and they don’t allow staples on the assignment cover page.

Word Count:

Ensure that your project work follows the word limit. Do not exceed it, as this can cause lower marks.

Unique answer:

Don’t copy your answer from any other website as it may harm your credibility. I have seen most of the students who copied their project answer from the internet get fewer marks compared to those who write from their own concept.


Follow the submission guidelines provided by IGNOU University. Usually, you will need to submit a handwritten copy of your assignment at your study center. Ensure that you submit it before the deadline.

Keep a Copy:

If possible, make a Xerox copy of your assignment before submission, as it will help you for future reference.

Waiting for Results:

After submission, wait for the assignment status, which will be available on the student portal.

Note: Remember that it helps you to increase your overall percentage, and it is an essential part of your course. 

Ensure that your assignment is well-prepared, well-written, correct format and follows all the guidelines to maximize your chances of scoring well.

How to make an IGNOU assignment page

When writing an assignment for IGNOU, you should typically use A4-sized paper. Here are some additional guidelines for formatting your IGNOU assignment:

Margins: Leave a minimum of 2.5 centimeter margin on left sides of the paper, usually around 1 inch or as specified in your course guidelines.

Page Numbering: Include page numbers at the top or bottom of each page. 

Assignments are handwritten: If you’re handwriting your project, make sure your IGNOU assignment writing style is neat & clean.

Binding: Before submitting your TMA you may be required to bind it with a cover page.

Check how to make front page & acknowledgement slip.

How to submit an IGNOU Assignment

After completing the TMA, you need to make a proper format, which is mentioned below.

  • Acknowledgement slip
  • Front page
  • Question paper
  • Assignment answer

You can stitch all the above items one by one and submit them within the deadline.

Notes: Sometimes I have seen the study centre ask you to attach your Id card, so you need to attach it along with your project.

Before submitting your assignment, first consult with your college to avoid any trouble.

What are the minimum passing marks required for the IGNOU TMA?

Passing marks are an important part of any exam. They show how well you’ve done in the subject and how much knowledge you have about it. 

Passing marks for BA are 35% and 40% for a master’s degree.

IGNOU Assignment submission date

If you are appearing for December exam, this could be important news for you. IGNOU assignment submission last date has been extended up to 30th November 2023.

Final Report on assignment first-page format

  1. Don’t write unnecessary answer
  2. Write your answer on the a4 page if possible
  3. Submit before the last date
  4. Check the word limit for every answer. 

Regularly check TMA format from our website. Here we will update the exact TMA format, like your SC accepts. You will get the same front page from our website. We also need your support.

If you find any other submission format from another source like the study center or your friend etc., share it with us at [email protected].

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