How to get IGNOU study material in a 5 minutes?

Today’s article aims to help all students at IGNOU who are still waiting for their textbooks. Since admission confirmation is complete, students are waiting to learn the status of their study materials but haven’t yet received them.

I got EGYANKOSH, one of the best platforms for IGNOU study materials. I’ve been using IGNOU BA eBooks for a long time, and they’ve helped me become a better teacher. 

eBook is the winner when I compare the pros and cons of a traditional book and an eBook.

Many online institutions only let you sign up for courses, but they don’t have excellent research materials for beginners like digital study material.

IGNOU Study Material Advantages

I like online study materials from IGNOU better for five reasons. I thought I’d tell you all about that.

The 1st advantage of online course materials

It’s easy to get IGNOU online books anytime, anywhere. The university will give applicants 15% of their fees if they choose to get their books in soft copy format instead of in print.

The 2nd factor

  • IGNOU study material is great because it has a search function. You can Google the book to find things you want to study, interesting topics, and why you got the text in the first place.
  • Traditional books have a table of contents that you used to get to the chapter you believe is important. However, online IGNOU books allow you to enter keywords to get a list of all the pages that discuss the subject you are interested in.
  • It’s great, made me a better reader, and saves time because you don’t have to flip through pages to see if something applies to you.

The 3rd factor

  • I like IGNOU online books because you can highlight and take notes. It’s a great tool because it gets us to think and figure things out. We don’t want to lose certain ideas because we want to remember them while reading.
  • With an IGNOU eBook, you can highlight the text’s important parts. In the end, you can look at all your notes and highlighted text to see how well you understood the material.
  • It helps with research because it lets you summarize what you’ve learned from a book instead of re-reading the parts.

The 4th factor

  • I like Digital IGNOU Books because they make it easier to cite sources correctly.
  • When I’m reading a BA eBook, I split my screen so I can see both the eBook and a Word document or my PowerPoint slides. When I see an interesting graph or model and want to save it, I use the Snipping Tool to take a picture.
  • I can easily copy and paste it into my Word file.
  • So I’m not just reading, marking up, and making notes. Still, I’m also writing the things I want to remember from reading the book. That’s a great thing about Digital Study Material that you can rarely do with traditional textbooks.

The 5th factor

  • It’s great how convenient and portable IGNOU Digital Study material is. I read on the train while waiting for people to get to meetings.
  • Because I can read Digital Study material in different places, I’ve read more. I can read on my tablet on any device with a screen, and when we think of these devices, we tend to think that they make our eyes tired.
  • Still, it doesn’t matter because the light can be turned down. The text can be zoomed in if you find it difficult to read. In case you don’t want to do that, keep the right things in your bag and read outside, where there is usually a lot of sunlight.
  • Don’t just take my word that the Digital Study stuff is great. See if it works for you. I’m sure you’ll never go back once you’ve tried it.

How to check the status of IGNOU study materials delivery for 2022-23

Are you waiting for the status of the text books?

I’ll show you how to monitor the state of the study material since most students are waiting for the status of their books but aren’t getting the right answers.

We can track IGNOU material dispatch status with the help of MPDD.


In EGYANKOSH, an open library, we may discover free online project manuals, digital books, and IGNOU study materials. You can get soft copy versions of online books and give them to others. For problems with books, the university made an e-learning platform.

When it comes to digitization, the university is changing its mind. In October 2018, they put a notice about online books on the website for the organization.

IGNOU EGYANKOSH is a service that works like a digital library. It lets you find IGNOU digital study materials, and you don’t have to pay a fee to use them.

What is e-content? How do you use e-content to get IGNOU study materials?

  1. Most of the time, e-content is where students can find better ways to learn online.
  2. You will see all the E-content the university has put up for students.
  3. Mobile-based e-content has been a long time coming.
  4. The first issue that every student has with IGNOU study materials?
  5. Students have a lot of trouble with it, but we have a quick fix for you. Consider e-content as a place to start learning. In addition to accessing other subjects and uploading many course books, IGNOU’s e-content platform also allows you to access other subjects.
  6. This portal is free to use, so you don’t have to pay for anything. When you read e-content, you get a lot of information.


You will get all the answers if you do not get the study material in the mail. The books will be sent by mail to the registered candidate. We suggest you get IGNOU online books from EGYANKOSH instead of waiting for printed books.


  1. srishti
    October 3, 2019

    hlo sir.i take my admission in i want to download pdf for every subject codes are BHIC 131
    BEGLA 135
    BPSC 131
    BEVAE 181.
    pls help me

  2. Rudr
    March 1, 2020

    Thank you sir for providing all these study material but I’m unable to download the following:
    English in daily life.
    English at work place.
    English communication skills.
    Please provide the link.

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