7 major features about the IGNOU university you never heard

IGNOU university is the biggest Open institution in the world, with over 4 million students actively enrolled. University Is now taking applications for the July 2022 session. For UG and PG online and ODL (distance) programs, they have moved the deadline to send in an application form to November 7, 2022.

Those who want to apply can do so online at, the official website. 

IGNOU university has also moved the deadline for filling out TEE forms from October 31 to November 10. The TEE exam schedule for December 2022 has also been released, and the exam will start on December 2.

IGNOU admission procedure

IGNOU chooses candidates for admission to different courses based on whether they meet the requirements for that course and how well they do on the entrance exam. For example, admission to an MBA program is based on your OPENMAT score, while BED courses require an entrance exam and have experience in the field. But IGNOU university only lets people into MA, MCOM, MCA, BA, and BCOM programs based on passing results.

IGNOU Admissions: How Do I Apply?

The only way to sign up for registration is online. Applicants can go to and choose to sign up online. Next, the candidate must fill out the fresh admission page with all the information and attach all the documents, such as a scanned copy of their photo and signature, proof of age, and scanned copies of their marksheet and certificates.

Students can verify the status of their application by clicking on the “Know your status” option once the application has been sent in. Students can also re-enroll themselves by doing something similar.

International students who live in India and have valid student visas can also apply for IGNOU university different courses. They will have to pay a global fee that is right for them.

IGNOU Student Login

The management gives each student a 10-digit enrollment number that they can use to sign in. After registering, the candidate can access the Student Login Portal with valid login information. Candidates can check the details of their registration and see how they did by using these login details.

7 major feature of IGNOU university

1. The world’s largest open university

UNESCO has said that it is the largest higher education institution in the world. NAAC is rated A++ in 2021.

The university has 21 Schools of Studies, almost 2,667 Learner Support Centers, 67 Regional Centers, 810 faculty members, and 29 foreign institutes. They also have over 10000 academic counselors and 230 academic staff members. 

2. Affordable course fees

IGNOU has low fees for almost all degrees, diplomas, certificates, and doctoral programs.

Students can pay admission fees in installment, i.e., semester or year wise.

3. Digital study material

IGNOU gives both hard copies and digital copies of study materials to make learning easier. The Material Distribution and Production Division at IGNOU university sends printed materials to the student’s registered address by post or speed post. 

Students who choose digital copies of their study materials get a 15% discount on their program fee. University sends study materials to all its students, no matter where they live in the country.

Students who want to study online can find all the information they need on EGYANKOSH. Students can also use the IGNOU e-content application, which is easy to find in the Google Play Store, to access their study materials. 

University makes study materials in many languages so that students worldwide can understand them easily. The study material for IGNOU 2022 is broken up into different components and units.

4. Online course

IGNOU university also provides online course candidates can select various programs. If anyone opted for an online course, there is no need to submit the TMA at the study center. 

5. Flexible exam Schedule twice a year

IGNOU holds the TEE twice a year, once in June and again in December. Since it has tens of thousands of students, there must be enough test centers in every part of the country.

Here, candidates can choose which subjects they want to take this term and pay for them. After the exams, the University puts the students’ Grade Cards online.

6. Scholarships for IGNOU students

University helps students from the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, who are from groups set aside for education. 

Scholarships and fee refunds are only given to students whose families are poor or from reserved categories. To avail this scheme, applicants must submit relevant documents..

Also, jail inmates who live in Indian prisons and are being tried there don’t have to pay the program fee or the registration fee.

7. IGNOU placement cell 

The IGNOU Placement cell was set up in 2005, and since then, the University has been running successful placement drives and giving students onboard opportunities to get jobs. The Campus Placement Cell (CPC) is growing even more by starting new programs, such as soft skill development, that help students get jobs.

Thing to do after IGNOU admission

IGNOU Assignment

IGNOU course assignments are an important part of the semester-by-semester course structure and count for 30% of the total grade. 

IGNOU university Exam Form

Students must fill out the correct IGNOU exam form for their courses. But before the forms can be filled out, all unfinished assignments must be turned in to the right Study Centres. On the official website, you can find information about assignments.

What if the candidate doesn’t meet the requirements for a certain course or doesn’t turn in the task within the time limit? In that case, the University will not upload the hall ticket. So, candidates shouldn’t wait until the last day to submit their assignments.

IGNOU university Exam Center

Examination centers for all students taking the midterm exam on its official website. Exam centers will be given to students based on where they want to take tests for all their courses. 

The IGNOU Written Exam List shows that the University has set up over 653 centers all over the country. Changes to the Exam Center can be made through an online portal within 5 days of submitting the form. Through that portal, students can ask for what they want. After that, no more requests to change where the exam is held will be considered.

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