How to get IGNOU helpline number(solve any problem easily )

Are you considering applying for admission to Indira Gandhi national open university or have already been admitted but facing a problem in university due to lack of information and you cannot find the details of the IGNOU helpline number?

Today I will share some important IGNOU contact number of the university.

Do you know it is the most popular institution in the world; over 38 lakh students have been admitted, which is huge data.

It holds the title of being the largest Open University in the world.

We can have difficulty finding a solution because of the study centre management.

If you are a student, you may need to contact the IGNOU customer care number for help.

In this article, we will discuss how to get the contact details of the IGNOU helpline number Delhi.

What is the IGNOU Helpline Number?

The IGNOU helpline number in Delhi is a toll-free number available for students. The customer care number of Delhi is available only on weekdays.

It helps students to get answers to their queries, solve their problems, and get help with various aspects of their education.

How to Contact IGNOU customer care number?

There are several ways to contact the IGNOU customer care number. Here are a few methods:

βœ…Call the IGNOU toll-free number: The most common way to contact the IGNOU helpline number is to call it. The number is toll-free; students can call it anywhere in India.

The helpline number is 011 29571000. When you call the number, the system will connect you to a customer care executive to assist you with your query.

βœ…Email: The headquarter email address is [email protected].

You can send queries, complaints, or feedback to this email address and receive a response from the university.

βœ…Regional Centers: Each regional center has a contact number students can call. Students can find the contact details of their regional center on the IGNOU website.

What kind of Help Can You Get from IGNOU Helpline Number?

Students can get various types of help from the IGNOU contact number. Student support services include:

πŸͺͺAdmission Queries:

Students can get help related to admission queries. They can get information about the admission process, eligibility criteria, fees, status of admission confirmation, and other details related to admission.

πŸ“šStudy Material: Everyone knows IGNOU study material takes a lot of time to deliver. Sometimes we receive it just before the exams, so students have to face some difficulties in studying. 

In this situation, you can ask for details by calling the IGNOU student helpline.

πŸ“˜Examination Queries: They can get information about exam dates, hall tickets, results, and other examination-related details.

πŸ§‘β€πŸ«Course Queries: They can get information about the courses offered by IGNOU, their syllabus, assignments, and other details related to the course.

πŸ“Assignment marks: The online support can help students facing problems because of their pending assignment marks in grade card. So you can also get help from their support team.

πŸŽ“Marksheet: Most of the time, we see students who have already passed the examination and have been waiting for their marksheet for the past 6 months, so you can call on the toll-free number and ask for their status.

How to get the IGNOU helpline number of Delhi 

I know you have some questions, like they never pick up the phone while calling the Regional Center/ Study Center or IGNOU customer care number. Why is it so?

I may not give the exact answer to this because there is a lot of work pressure on the university officers. 

Sometimes they have to do the work of the study center as well.

Universities have different departments like admission, exam, project department, etc. 

All have their own IGNOU helpline number, and below I am going to tell you the details of every one according to the category, with the help of which you can solve your problem soon.

βœ…Student Service Center (SSC)– 011-29572513, 29572514, 29572508, 29572505

βœ…Fresh Admission -011-29571301, 011-29571528, 011-29571302 (You can ask your questions from the IGNOU admission helpline number)

βœ…Study Materials-011-29572008, 011-29572012, 011-29532013 (If anyone has any questions related to his book, you can ask)

IGNOU toll free number of SED

βœ…Bachelors Programs-011-29572211- (From here, you can get information about courses like BA/BCOM)

βœ…Degree Certificate–011-29572224, 011-29535438 (You can contact this number for more information about Degree Certificate)

βœ…Assignment Marks–011-29571319, 011-29571325 (If you want to know the details of your Assignment Marks, you can call on this number)

βœ…Project number–011-29571321, 011-29571324 (To know the status of Project Marks)

βœ…Practical number– 011-29572212 (For more details about practical marks)

βœ…Exam Form, Admit card–011-29572209, 011-29572202, 011-29532088 (we can find Exam Form and Admit details by calling this number)

Contact the IGNOU helpline number during office hours to avoid wasting your time.

IGNOU student support in easy steps

Do you know that in IGNOU, you can solve your problem by sitting at home?

For which you have to follow some steps:

βœ…IGNOU student helpline number: You can use this to save time, like for any small information

βœ…IGRAM: Use it when you have a minor problem or must make a complaint. It may take a few days to complain. I have explained about IGRAM in my previous post.

βœ…RTI: This is the last option through which you can ask for any information at the university, like assignment status, result dispatch details, etc. 

If you are in a hurry, processing will take about 1 month. Then the IGNOU helpline number is the best option.

IGNOU Shimla contact number

+91-0177-2624612 / 2624613

Toll- Free Number – 1800 180 8055


The university stands with its students at every step, and their support system is very good, no matter how big your problem is, the management listens to your complaint immediately. 

If you contact IGNOU toll-free number, your work will be even easier.

We always keep updating our students through our website. If you need any information, you can contact us.

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