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How to access IGNOU Student Profile in 2024

During the online admission process, students submit their data to the university, and the university stores the details in a database. Do you want to know how to access the IGNOU student profile?

Existing candidates can easily access their profile from the student management dashboard. So today we will guide you on how to access the IGNOU student profile.

Understanding the IGNOU Student Profile

  1. To access the Admission /registration details page, you need to follow the below steps.
  2. Go to the following link.
  3. enter your enrollment no 
  4. Enter your programme code 
  5. Click on the submit button, you are in your profile.

What’s Inside:

Once you’re in, look around. Your dashboard is like a digital database. 

The IGNOU Student Profile will have all the information related to your university journey, including your personal info, number of subjects you have taken, which course you are enrolled in, and what you’ve finished.

IGNOU admission details page

Enrollment No: it is a unique identification number (9-10 digit) assigned to each student 

Program: Your enrolled academic program

Medium: Language preference for your studies you have selected during the admission.

Admission Year: The year and session (example-July 2023) you joined in university.

Admission valid up to: Duration of your admission validity

Father/ Husband/ Mother’s Name: Details of the responsible guardian

Date of Birth: Your Birth Date

Current Address: Your current residential address.

Regional Centre: The regional hub overseeing your academic activities

Study Centre Code: your selected college where you submit your assignment.

Mobile No: Your contact number

Email-ID: your registered email id

Course Registration Details: Here you can find the list of subjects you have selected year/semester wise

On the right-hand side, you must notice the “Request Made, if any” column is showing. Do you know what is it?

Whenever you apply any correction in the IGNOU Student Profile, such as name, father’s name, date of birth.

You will find the details of correction here.

How to update data on IGNOU Student details page

The official portal allows the existing learner to change their address, study centre and regional centre once their admission status is confirmed in the university.

  • Open the Student Portal
  • Click on new registration
  • Choose the Programme.
  • Enter your name and enrollment number.
  • Enter the code in the box.
  • Click on Submit to go to the next step.
  • Enter the OTP number which you receive in your email.
  • After creating your student account, you need to log in to your dashboard.
  • Once you enter the dashboard, you can update IGNOU student details from the portal.

Fact about IGNOU student details page

IGNOU student details page is a one stop shop for every learner, you can access all your academic details within a minute.

University hides some numbers with ‘X’ in the student details page to keep your information safe. This means that when you look at your mobile number and email id, starting 5 digits are replaced with ‘X’ for security reasons.

It’s like a secret code to protect your personal details. This helps to make sure that only you can recognize your information without revealing everything to others who might see it. It’s a way for IGNOU to make sure your private details are safe and follow rules to keep your information secure while you’re checking IGNOU student profiles.

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