Why IGNOU assignment Status not updated(Old & ew)?

Are you searching for how to check the IGNOU assignment status 2023 or older? And how do you get its marks to figure out the grade card quickly? 

I know you are also searching for this question. You tried to review the TMA status but didn’t get the proper result. 

I am getting many messages about “why the IGNOU assignment status is not updated.” Are you also facing this issue? 

You must be wondering why the university has not updated the June & December status. 

So in this guide, you’ll understand how to check TMA status lists. 

How to check IGNOU assignment status 2023 June session

You can follow the below steps to check the status of assignment.

  2. Enter your 9-10 digit enrollment number and select your program from the dropdown menu.
  3. Enter the verification code
  4. After entering the details, click the “Submit” button.
  5. Click on Assignment Submission Status
  6. You will see the status on the screen. 

You can view the details like the course code, submission date, and evaluation status.

Note: You should regularly check the TMA status, as the evaluation process may take some time to complete. 

You can contact your study centre or RC office for clarification if they haven’t updated the data.

IGNOU assignment submission status 2023 term

University uses the following term while checking

Received to be processed 

The university will process the TMA shortly.

Received and in-Process 

This means that the university has received, and it is currently being reviewed and evaluated by the faculty member or evaluator.

Check Grade Card Status for detail

They verified your assignment successfully and updated the marks on the grade card.

Top 9 reasons IGNOU assignment Status 2023 June is not updated? 

Most of the time, candidates face difficulty updating the IGNOU assignment result 2023 or earlier.

Do you know why this happens every year? 

From my personal experience, I have created a list of difficulties that students face every time. 

Now comes the essential question:

Let’s check why the IGNOU assignment status is not showing on the grade card portal. 

Front page or introduction page

without attaching the front page, it looks incomplete. 

You can check my article here about attaching the front page and the acknowledgment slip.

Missing Course code/Subjects code

One thing to remember while submitting the TMA in the study center is to write the Course code details. Else your marks will not update.

Incorrect details

Ensure you have provided the correct information, such as enrolment number, subject code, etc., on the front page. Else they will not consider your project.

Wrong question paper

Sometimes, students get confused in the session and submit the wrong question paper. 

So their marks don’t get updated at the right time.

Study centre permanently closed

Most of the time, we find that the study center is not working anymore, so the regional office allotted a new college, but you submitted your assignment to the old study centre, so the process takes some time.

Without signature

During the lockdown period, as per the guidelines, a signature is required on every page for online submission, but some students failed to sign.

The PDF file you uploaded needs to be clarified

Only submit the project if it shows clearly. Most of the students face the problem while scanning the documents. You can get any scanner application from the play store if you don’t have a scanner.

Delay in evaluation

University assigns tutors to evaluate TMA. Because of the large number of students, it may take some time for your tutor to evaluate your paper and update your status.


You may still need to submit your TMA, or your submission was unsuccessful.

I know you have another question: I did everything according to the guideline, but still, my IGNOU assignment status 2023 June session is not showing?

Once you have confirmed that you have submitted your TMA correctly and followed all the guidelines, contact your study centre or regional center along with the submission slip to inquire about the status of your marks.

I know it’s not your fault. It’s the study centers that always work slowly. 

Either they didn’t check your paper, or they didn’t send marks to the regional center.

How to check Assignment Marks

I know you are waiting because the IGNOU assignment marks 2023 June session are not showing. The most common question is how to check TMA score. 

With the valid enrollment number (mentioned on ID card), you can check the TMA score in the grade portal by the following method.

  1. Open grade card portal
  2. Select program type
  3. Enter enrollment number
  4. Programme Code
  5. Click on search

If your grade card is incomplete, i.e., IGNOU assignment marks 2023 June session not found, follow the below steps to get the result.

First, contact your study center or RC office or contact helpline number, if you do not get a positive reply.

Here is another step

Visit the IGRAM portal.

Right to Information (RTI): Here’s another method of RTI where you can get a positive reply within a month.

IGNOU assignment submission status 2023 on grade card

With the help of grade report portal, you can find the marks, which are updated or not.

Grade card offers a dashboard of various features, including assignments, practical projects, and many more.

Marks show in the grade card without 30% and 70% calculations. 

When you complete all the remaining subjects, you’ll receive a mark sheet and a provisional certificate by post within 45 days.

The minimum required passing marks for a bachelor’s is 35, and a master’s degree is 40.

My recent experience.

In the last session, I got an email from a 3rd-year student. 

I received a call from BA 3rd year student. 

He has been waiting for the assignment record for the past six months.

After finishing all the theory papers, he could not apply for the master’s course. 

Do you know why? 

Because his grade card was showing incomplete because of the non-updating of assignment marks, but he had submitted it earlier. 

So He failed to apply because the last date of admission was over. 

Now he lost six months. 

Then I recommend applying for the RTI application. After the application, he got the Marksheet within a month.

This problem is weird and could also be with you, so be prepared to deal with it.

RTI case study about assignment submission status

Today, I will share another case study of a student who faced difficulty getting the IGNOU Assignment Marks status 2022-23.

I received a WhatsApp message from her number about the pending marks’ status.

I recommended submitting an online RTI application.

Finally, he received an email from RC Kolkata, and now he received the result by post. Here is the reply.


another RTI reply

ignou-rti-status online


What will happen if the university does not update IGNOU assignment status June 2023?

Every year, most of the students have an intention to join a master’s degree course after completing graduation in the current session. 

Still, some students face difficulty getting their certificates because they do not update the marks on a grade card. 

So you will get the mark sheet once the grade card is complete. 

How long does it take to update the IGNOU Assignment Submission Status list for the June 2023 exam

This query is common for all learners, and there is no accurate answer to how long it takes to update assignment marks. Usually, it takes 30-45 days to update the IGNOU assignment submission status 2023.
 If you submit within the 1st-week, you can find the submission status within a month. 
After submitting it to the study center, remember to collect the submission receipt.

How can I check my online assignment submission status in IGNOU?

To check the status, you can follow the steps below:
1.Visit the official website of the student management portal.
2.Choose your program from the dropdown menu and enter your enrollment number.
3.Click on the “Submit” button.
4.We can see the IGNOU assignment status 2023 June session or earlier on the screen.
Note: The status of your TMA will be updated on the website once the university completes the evaluation process. So, check the website regularly for any updates.


Indira Gandhi National Open University is one of the world’s largest open and distance institutions owned by the Government of India. 

Every year, we have to submit the TMA.

If you need help to update the IGNOU assignment status 2023 June or earlier session, share your experience with us in the below comment box, and we will try to solve your query ASAP.

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    I have sent my assignments to my study center vai speed post on 25th April 2023 but still it is not updated on online portal. I sent a mail to center they replied on 15 june that it is under evaluation but still not updated. Please help.

    1. most of the assignment status is under processing, so you need to wait at least last week of august, or you can directly contact at your study centre.
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  3. Respected Sir I am Sankayan Ghosh. I have appeared my BDP BA exam on 2021Marchi am the batch of 2020 December but due to Corona exam was held on 2021 March. I havepassed all my theory exams. Result is also out. But my assignment marks are not updated yet. So i am not getting my final result. This is my humble request to you please see to that matter and help me to get my final result. I have spoken to the rc kolkata many times but they also did not do anything . Please see to that matter and help me.
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  5. sir,my assignments of both the years havenot been updated…plz tell me what to do…as my study centre doesnt update the marks…all my exams are completed just the marks of assignments have not been updated…also i need degree soon

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