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Advantages of IGNOU BA course: Fees, syllabus, eligibility

Want to apply for the IGNOU BA course?

Welcome to the Indira Gandhi National Open University, a platform where learning is easy and fits into your life. One of the best courses they offer is the Bachelor of Arts (BAG). 

It’s a program made for everyone, so you can learn without any hassles. 

In this guide, we’ll talk about the IGNOU BA course details–what it is, why it’s great, the different things you can focus on, and the awesome opportunities it brings. 

Today I will also share with you how I completed my course from Indira Gandhi National Open University during my 9-5 job, and also I will guide you on how you can do it.

Getting to Know the IGNOU BA course details

The IGNOU BAG course is like an educational journey that lasts for three years, divided semester wise. During this time, you’ll learn different subjects to gain a good understanding of your chosen field.

Before going into the post, let me clear the difference between BA and BAG in IGNOU.

BA and BAG both stand for Bachelor of Arts; it came into existence after the university implemented the CBCS.

Previously in the BA course you get 5 subjects years wise, but now in BAG you get 8 subjects (semester 1 and 2).

BAG is quite advanced, and it has so many disciplines.

Who Can Join

Anyone who has completed 10+2 from a recognised university can join a Bachelor of Arts.

Learn Your Way

One good thing about distance university is that they understand life can be busy. Whether you’re working or preparing for any competitive exam or anything else, it lets you learn at your own time. They design their course to fit into your life.

Study Materials and Help:

Once you apply for online admission, you get study materials to guide your learning. Plus, there’s support available through online resources, videos, and guidance from the study centre.

Doing More Than Just Reading

Learning at IGNOU university isn’t just about reading books. The university will give you assignments to do, and they will regularly check your marks. This way, you not only understand the theory but also learn how to use it in real life.

Why IGNOU BAG, Course is best for you

No regular classes

This course is very flexible. If you’re a working individual with a busy schedule, finding time for regular classes can be difficult. This course is the best for you.

Low-cost course fees

IGNOU BA course fees are quite low. Compared to other distance universities, the BA course here is pretty affordable. You get a quality education within your budget.

Location doesn’t matter

IGNOU university doesn’t care where you live. The entire course is designed for distance learning, regardless of where you live. So, whether you’re in a big city or a small town, you can study from anywhere.

Age Doesn’t Matter:

Age is just a number at Indira Gandhi National Open University. Whether you just finished high school or you’re a dropout from a regular university, the IGNOU BA course is open to all ages. 

How to Join IGNOU Bachelor of Arts

Online Admission Process

Getting into the course is easy. You need to fill out an application form, which you can find online from the official website

Upload the documents, pay the fees and wait for official confirmation.

IGNOU BA course list 2024

Here is the group wise BAG course list.

1) Anthropology 

2) Economics 

3) History 

4) Political Science 

5) Psychology 

6) Public Administration 

7) Sociology

8) Mathematics 

9) Hindi 

10) Urdu 

11) English 

12) Sanskrit 

13) Education 

14) Philosophy

You can check here the IGNOU BA 1st year subjects list.

Bachelor of Arts honors course list

1) Economics 

2) History 

3) Political science 

4) Psychology 

5) Public administration 

6) Sociology 

7) Anthropology 

8) Biochemistry 

9) Hindustani Music 

10) Hindi 

11) Sanskrit 

12) Urdu 

13) English

IGNOU BA course fees

The first year fees for bachelor of arts is 4400+ (Development Fee 200, Registration Fee 300), you can pay your amount year wise.

Jobs After Bachelor of Arts

Government Jobs

Lots of arts background students do well in government job exams. Jobs in civil services, public administration, and defense services often welcome people with an arts background.

Private Sector Jobs

Private companies also like what IGNOU BA graduates bring to the table. Skills like good communication and problem-solving make you a fit for jobs in areas like media, marketing, and administration.

Social work

If you want to make a positive difference, jobs in social work or non-profit organizations could be for you. Your BA in sociology or related fields can be a starting point for a meaningful career.

Arts and Culture Careers

For those into literature or history, jobs in writing, publishing, or cultural organizations might be perfect. Your love for the arts can turn into a good job.

My experience in IGNOU university

After passing a higher secondary course from the NIOS board, I took admission in Indira Gandhi National Open University for Bachelor of Arts programme.

I had so many challenges during my graduation course.

Challenge 1 Subject selection

During that time, admission was offline. I was confused about which subjects I needed to choose.

I am from a Hindi medium background, so I selected IGNOU BA course (Hindi and history as elective papers). After getting confirmation of admission, I got my ID card.

Challenge 2 Study material

Getting the printed books from the university is quite time consuming, so I collected books from my friend.

You don’t have to wait for printed books you can download from the official website.

Challenge 3 assignment solving

Do you know you have to submit your assignment every year in your study centre?

When I got my first year assignment, I didn’t know how to solve it. So I contacted my study centre, and they helped me to complete the project.

If you want to complete your assignment, you can contact ANSARI INSTITUTE.

Challenge 4 exam form submission- 

It was not quite hard for me to submit the examination form. I have already written a detailed report on how to pay the IGNOU exam form online, so you can pay your fees easily.

Challenge 5 final exam:

Before the 2 months of the exam, I was unprepared and feeling tense, so I decided to buy guide books from the market. However, they didn’t provide enough help in such a short time, so I reached out to the teachers.

You can’t believe I completed my IGNOU BA course with the help of reference books and study notes.

If you don’t have much time to study, you can contact us. We will provide you with quality study notes.

Extra tips for exam

Let’s look at some easy tips to make your IGNOU BA course journey successful:

Plan Your Time

Time is important. Plan when to study, submit assignments, and take exams. Having a plan helps make things easier.

Use Your Study Materials

IGNOU BA course study materials are awesome if you are appearing for the term end exam. If you don’t have much time to study the entire books, you can buy guide books.

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