What is IGRAM IGNOU? How to complaint in IGNOU university.

Why IGRAM IGNOU is best for Students?

What will you do if you don’t get original copies of your certificates, whether IGNOU Marksheet, Provisional certificate, or degree certificates?

You will contact over the helpline number of regional centre?

But it’s not enough

You can file an IGRAM IGNOU grievance. These complaints are taken seriously by the headquarters or regional center, and they are resolved as soon as possible.

What to do if there’s no response?

You can send in the request if the college isn’t giving you the information.

You can send complaints to management through the IGNOU IGRAM portal. The last reported complaint can be found by entering the complaint GST number (tracking code).

This article will help you figure out how to solve a problem without going to the study center or RC.


The IGRAM IGNOU stand for IGNOU Grievance Redressal and Management is a complaint portal provided by the Indira Gandhi National Open University to enable learners to submit grievances without paying a fee.

Through the portal, learners can register complaints related to the exam, assignment, result, or any other issues related to the program. Learners can also track the status of their complaints and receive updates on their resolution.

The grievances Portal is a convenient and efficient way for learners to voice their concerns and grievances related to the program. It helps in ensuring that the program is meeting the needs and expectations of learners and provides a mechanism for addressing any issues that may arise.

It is also similar to the IGNOU complaint cell.

IGNOU Grievances cell: What Is It?

The Indira Gandhi National Open University has established a separate website called the IGNOU Complaints Cell, where we may address any difficulties or grievances students may have while pursuing their education.

IGNOU Grievance Redress and Management is what it is called. It can also be called the IGRAM portal. 

The Indira Gandhi National Open University’s upper management is doing more to deal with our problems. We must visit the IGNOU Grievance Redress and Management portal and inform them of our situation.

We should use this portal well and let people submit their questions and complaints online through this portal so they can be taken care of immediately. 

Within the shortest time possible, those with questions or complaints will get an email telling them what was done and how they were resolved.

A common IGNOU IGRAM question

Admission Status:

You may enquire about the admissions status if your application has not been verified. 

If my registration is approved, how long will it take? 

Why does the confirmation of admission take a long time or not happen?

IGNOU Study materials

Study materials are one of the main problems every student has to deal with. You are not alone if you have any problems with your study materials.

  • Not received
  • Wrong medium
  • Incomplete set of Books
  • Wrong material received
  • E-study material link.

Assignment status: 

Suppose assignment status or grade card have not been updated. You can go to the IGRAM IGNOU portal to tell them about your problems. Register your problem with the assignment acknowledgment slip uploading.


Here’s an example of a copy of a complaint. It will help the student who wants the answer script to be looked at again.

I requested a re-evaluation for the TEE exam in June 2022; however, the result of that request is not yet available.

Complain about the online exam form?

Today, a student sent me an email that said, “I filled out an online exam form and paid for it, but I didn’t get a control number. Could you please assist me?” I suggested he contact the TEE division’s email address.

But didn’t receive any communication within time, so I recommend him to follow the below steps.

Here’s an example of a request for the control number.

Dear sir/madam

My name is Niraj Kumar, and my enrollment number is 1234. My online exam fees were taken out of my account on April 15, 2023, but I didn’t get a control number or confirmation. I’ve included a payment slip.

Reference number for payment: IGNATTP.

How to complaint in university using IGRAM IGNOU

  1. Open IGRAM portal
  2. Choose a category of complaints
  3. Choose the “Subject” option.
  4. Click next and fill in the basics.
  5. Write your query.
  6. Upload documents.
  7. Click on “Submit”

How to track the status of an IGNOU complaint

Do you want to know how to check IGNOU grievance status?

  1. Go to the IGRAM IGNOU site.
  2. Click the option to track the status of a response to a complaint.
  3. Type the GST token code in the space provided.
  4. Get status by clicking the button.

Note: Sometimes it takes longer than usual, so be patient while tracking IGNOU grievance status.

IGNOU complaint number

Most of the time, you can’t get through when you call the IGNOU helpline number. When calling the IGNOU customer care number in Delhi, the phone rings often, but no one answers.

Students have trouble turning in their registration forms, completing their test forms, and getting their hall tickets.

Phone No-011-29571301 & 29571528

Email[email protected]

Undoubtedly, universities do their best to help students every step of the way.

IGNOU University has over 3.6 million students and is the biggest Open University in the world. Every RC also has a phone number students can call to ask for help.

IGNOU’s admissions helpline number is free to call

Try to read the prospectus before contacting the inquiry number since the FAQ part of the instruction already has the answers to the questions you will ask the customer service team. Check out the IGNOU prospectus to learn more.

Have you ever thought it would be enough to complain at the regional center? Can I go to the RC regularly? I don’t believe that.

We have many problems that we don’t know about until we start school.

Indira Gandhi National Open University is the best open and distance learning university, although learning has many challenges.

Have you ever called IGNOU’s toll-free number before enrolling?

Here is the number to call for help with admission to IGNOU: 011-29571301 or 011-29571528. You can call the IGNOU support team for help.

IGNOU email for student help

Are there any email addresses for the registrar?

Here is the email address for the registrar:

My experience with IGNOU IGRAM

I’m telling you about a student who got in touch with me. He told me he had finished the BA course and had to wait six months for his marksheet. He went to his study center and the regional center to get his grade card, but he didn’t get it. 

He finally got my phone number and told me what was going on. In the end, he used the IGNOU IGRAM as I instructed him.

After four days, IGRAM IGNOU sent an email asking him to send your correspondence address to their headquarters email in New Delhi. He did what was asked of him.

In about 20 days, he got his report card.


Ask your local post office about any registered or speed post packages they may have for you.

If you haven’t gotten the documents and your registered address is correct, use the IGRAM IGNOU portal to file a complaint and find out what happened.

If you need any help with IGNOU, you can ask me in the below comment box.


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