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Why IGNOU MA Psychology course is best for distance learner

Planning to apply for IGNOU MA Psychology course from distance education?

IGNOU University is the best platform for Open University learner. Indira Gandhi National Open University offers various benefits to students:

Flexibility in Learning

Open and Distance Learning

Diverse Courses


Keep reading to learn more about the IGNOU MA Psychology Admission process.

Why IGNOU MA psychology course is popular

IGNOU MAPC course has a large career scope. If you want to expertise in this field, you can easily understand the mind and behavior of a person.

Many things related to the human mind and behavior are studied. Researchers study many things related to the human mind and behavior, such as how the brain functions when stressed, how we learn languages, how memories are formed, and how mental illness affects cognition.

We need psychologists more and more in places like schools, hospitals, and rehabilitation centers. It is also used in many new and growing sectors, such as sports, forensics, the military, police, aviation, etc.

Do you want to know who was the previous year topper in MA psychology course?

ignou mapc topper

Here is the top key point of IGNOU MA psychology course

Flexible learning: IGNOU University, famous for its flexible learning options, empowers us to easily maintain a balance between work and study.

ODL learning: Open and distance learning programme are best for those who cannot attend regular classes due to various problems.

Various programme: The program offers courses in different categories like Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, Diploma, and certificates..

Affordable fees: IGNOU MA Psychology course fees are more affordable compared to other universities. This affordability can make easily access higher education to various groups of students.

The full course fees Rs. 19200/-, which must be paid in annual installments of Rs. 9600/-. There is also a Rs. 300/- registration fee you can pay online.

Study Material: The University sends IGNOU MAPC study materials by post to the address they put on their application form, and they sent books for each programme in a separate package.

If the student doesn’t get the study materials and assignments booklet at the address given; can contact the MPDD division or submit a request on the IGRAM portal.

IGNOU MAPC Assignments

University has uploaded the assignments for the M.A. Psychology program. Learners who sign up for any MAPC course must submit their assignment by the due date, As it counts 30% marks.

Study Center:

IGNOU ma psychology course has a limited number of study centre available, student can select study centre as per choice.

To get a full advantage of this programme, make sure to attend the practical classes at your college.

Eligibility Criteria

For IGNOU MA Psychology course, candidates must have a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university in any field.

Important Dates

IGNOU psychology Admission 2024 for the January cycle has begun. The last date for registration is 31st January 2024.

Students who have already signed up in the previous year for the MAPC course at IGNOU can sign up again for January re registration to 29th January, 2024.

IGNOU MAPC Admissions Procedure

IGNOU MA Psychology Admission is open for the January 2024 session. Students can apply for online admission.

Every year thousands of students are applying for the MAPC course, check here the year wise admission stats.

ignou psychology admission stats

Year 2023 data is showing less because , we have mentioned only January session, and other stats are from both session.

Follow the below information to sign up for new admission: 

  • Open the samarth portal
  • Create user name and password.
  • Once the applicant has registered, they can proceed with the admissions process.
  • First, fill out the application.
  • Select the study centre.
  • Upload all scanned documents.
  • Verify your form details
  • Click on payment
  • Students have to pay fees based on the programme

Note: Before submitting the admission form, make sure to check the programme’s availability at the given study centre. IGNOU MAPC is a very special course and most of the colleges don’t provide the practical classes.


IGNOU MA psychology syllabus for second year has been categories in various specializations group, you need to select anyone from Group A, B, C. This program has 64 credits and is set up in two levels. 

Here we have mentioned the subject list.

 Choose any one group
1st year2nd year
CompulsoryGroup A –Clinical PsychologyGroup B- Counselling PsychologyGroup C- Industrial and Organizational Psychology
MPC 1- Cognitive Psychology, Learning and MemoryMPCE 11- PsychopathologyMPCE 21 Counselling PsychologyMPCE 31 Organisational Behaviour
MPC 2 – Life Span PsychologyMPCE 12 PsychodiagnosticsMPCE 22 Assessment in Counselling and GuidanceMPCE 32 Human Resource Development
MPC 3- Personality: Theories and AssessmentMPCE 13 Psychotherapeutic methodsMPCE 23 Interventions in CounsellingMPCE 33 Organisational Development
MPC 4- Advanced Social PsychologyMPCE 14 Practicum in Clinical PsychologyMPCE 24 Practicum in Counselling PsychologyMPCE 34 Practicum in Industrial and Organisational Psychology
MPC 5- Research Methods in PsychologyMPCE 15 InternshipMPCE 25 InternshipMPCE 35 Internship
MPC 6- Statistics in PsychologyMPCE 16/46 Project/Applied Positive PsychologyMPCE 26/46 Project/ Applied Positive PsychologyMPCE 36/46 Project/ Applied Positive Psychology
MPCL 7- Practicum in Experimental Psychology & Psychological Testing   

IGNOU Revaluation

If a student isn’t happy with the marks or grades they got on the Term-End Examination, they can ask for a reevaluation within one month of the results being posted on the University’s website.

They will have to pay Rs 750 via online. After revaluation, the student’s records will be changed to show the better of the original marks/grades.

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